TVE issues when DVR running as root

In the process of moving my DVR from a mac mini to an inexpensive J1900 based set top box. Loaded Debian 8, installed the DVR software and all works as expected (transcoding works great!) Software installed as root and runs as root. When running a remote desktop to the box and launching chromium, an error is thrown "Please start Chromium as a normal user. if you need to run as root for development, rerun with the --no sandbox flag." TVE does not work, as I expect Chromium is not wanting to run as root without the --no sandbox flag enabled, so no TVE authentication. How best to accomplish this? Simpler to reinstall as a normal user?

Why are you running remote desktop and chromium? That's not required for TVE- the DVR server will use chromium automatically in the background.

Yes I understand. I was attempting to figure out why TVE would not work. Thought I'd ensure chromium is working properly. I am making an assumption that running as root is a potential issue.

Running as root is not a problem. It's probably better not to do so, but the DVR and TVE will both work even when running as root.

If you're having some issue with TVE, better to explain what's happening and provide the logs.