TVE Locals issue

I just moved to another state and I am having a problem getting the local ABC station to sync to my new location. I have removed and added back local TVE several times, and the CBS, NBC and Fox stations are now correct, but the ABC station is still listed as the one in my old location, and of course it wont authorize. How do I fix this?

Does this site display your local station and let you watch it?

If no, thier geolocation is failing.
If yes, I would toggle the setting in the dvr web UI to rescan the locals.

When I have those problems with the local ABC/CBS/FOX, I stream it in one browser tab and toggle the dvr locals setting in another tab of the same browser. Sometimes it works, other times I just wait a day and try again.

Yes that works, I can watch directly on the website, but Channels still keeps trying to use the old location for ABC

I get this error.

abcgo: 1037:Unable to retrieve required files for playback. Please try again in a few minutes

What does it show next to your ABC channel when you look at the Rescan Channels view for your source?

The correct call sign, or an error?

And did you do the secure HTTPS local channel rescan?

BINGO!!! Solved. Thank you!!!

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I am having this exact problem. I am located in the Chicago area (in Indiana). My ISP was purchased by another company (Astound) who has switched our server to somewhere around the Philadelphia area. I removed all of our streaming sources and reloaded them in Channels and I finally ended up getting CBS, NBC, and FOX with the correct Chicago area but ABC remains in Philly. I talked to ABC/Disney 3 times and I can now stream from the Chicago affiliate via the ABC Live app but Channels keeps hooking me up to Philadelphia. I have done all of the actions you mentioned here but nothing fixes it. Any ideas? Thanks

Network and Provider apps have nothing to do with how Channels DVR TVE works

Atfer reading the above article and knowing how TVE works with Channels DVR, you can see why you need to ask ABC why their Live website feed shows you in Philly.

See this thread for a recent example.Locals on DIRECTV Stream in Seattle