TVE - MSNBC Not playing?

Anyone else have issues with MSNBC via TVE not working? It was and then stopped.,

Failed to start stream for ch6050: TVE: get!/Content/~hmac=376745f200ef8ad3bc8e29f8984060ff0d4a14360ae7c4a11cbf92f9642bde87: 504 Gateway Time-out


938edbc6-4927-4279-90fe-6b917ed6ab28 .

Looks like a "them" issue, not an "us" issue. Meaning, it's not getting a proper response from where NBC is saying the stream exists.

Could be something else, but that's what the error reads like.

I agree but it never hurts to ask if other people are having similar issues, just in case.

I know this issue is nearly 2 years old but I just ran into the same thing for accessing MSNBC through Channels. Did you ever resolve this issue?

Bad news: NBC, NBC Sports, NBCU Networks No Longer Available via TV Everywhere Providers