TVE quit working (at least for Fubo)

Nothing in MLB TV, either, but it's all star game time, so I'm betting that's correct.

Channels running on current Ubuntu with current updates, Version 2021.05.26.1807

Rescanning TV Everywhere source for Fubo seems to work, but only ~65 channels are returned, the set all above channel ID 6700. I just checked NASA and it's working.

Clicking "rescan" on 6010 Comedy Central returns:

chrome failed to start: [0713/] locale_file_path.empty() for locale [0713/] Check failed: ReceiveFixedMessage(fds[0], kZygoteBootMessage, sizeof(kZygoteBootMessage), &boot_pid). #0 0x7fc7f5e436e9 (/home/marc/channels-dvr/data/chromedp-chroot/headless-shell/headless-shell+0x2dba6e8) #1 0x7fc7f5dc64a3 (/home/marc/channels-dvr/data/chromedp-chroot/headless-shell/headless-shell+0x2d3d4a2) #2 0x7fc7f5dd3296 (/home/marc/channels-dvr/data/chromedp-chroot/headless-shell/headless-shell+0x2d4a295) #3 0x7fc7f5dd3dde (/home/marc/channels-dvr/data/chromedp-chroot/headless-shell/headless-shell+0x2d4addd) #4 0x7fc7f4d9e9c4
plus lots more.

I've restarted both the DVR and the client with no effect.

My login to Fubo is good, I can view the channels on the Fubo Android TV app on the same device as the Channels client.

Run apt-get install chromium-browser

Thanks, correct, fixed. I saw that mentioned in the install guide, now that I look back, and missed it. I would have sworn that it was working since, but must have imagined it.