TVE shared stream buffering

I have 3 ATV's all hard wired to a gigabit switch. My channels server is also hard wired to the same switch. Speed test from all of my Apple tv's shows about 960mbps in both directions. Latency is like 2ms with 0 jitter. My internet is 300/300 fiber.

When I tune a TVE Channel it takes about 10seconds to show on the screen. It plays perfectly with no issues at all. I'll go on another ATV and tune the same TVE channel in the guide and it will tune the shared stream in just a couple of seconds. The issue is that when the server shares that TVE channel, it will pause randomly and resume like the buffer is not large enough. If I pull up the shared stream and pause it for 5 seconds I don't have an issue. I am thinking that it is not buffering enough when sharing the stream? The second ATV always is about 5 seconds ahead of the other ATV that originally tuned the stream.

I never have any other issues with my ATV's, they play recorded content fine including huge 4k HDR movies, HDHR live feed, etc. It is only sharing a TVE feed. It happens on all of my ATV's when the 2nd device trying to view the TVE shared stream. When the problem happens I can pull up a non shared TVE stream and it works perfectly.

Know bug in tuner sharing. We have plans to address it this year.


I turned off tuner sharing as a workaround.

Won't have any bearing on TVE...

We have a fix for this issue in the latest prerelease.

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@tmm1 NICE JOB. it is perfect. Its instantaneous which is amazing. It used to take about 8-10 seconds and then have random pauses.


This is still a problem for custom channels. Having this exact result with an ip stream.

Mine works great for custom channels as well as TVE. Might be that you have something else going on. You might want to submit logs from your ATV when it happens.

I have the same issue with ATSC 3.0

The issue with the original post and the fix involved was specific to HLS streams and has nothing to do with ATSC 3.0.

I guess I am confused by the presence of the shared buffer in both cases. Sorry about that.

This issue was fixed, by adding a buffer when you share a tuner instead of starting at the live edge.

This means if you see a delay that's normal and working as expected, as that's the buffer that prevents pausing.

On ATSC3 you may see larger than expected buffer due to how the transport segments video and audio into chunks.

On IPTV this behavior should also help prevent buffering. If you're still seeing buffering its probably because your IPTV provider servers are causing buffering.

I used VLC as the second client and the playback starts instantly. I pointed VLC to http://$DVR_IP:8089/devices/ANY/channels/104.1/stream.mpg