TVE source Priority/fallback setup

How should i set things up properly to accomplish the idea that should one TVE source fail to login and stream, that it would then try the next TVE login source?

At present, I have my primary TVE source Xfinity/Comcast with all the channels i want enabled and set to Favorite. I have Philo as 2nd TVE source, and ONLY have enabled and Favorited the additional channels that service provides that are not present in the Xfinty source. Xfinity is set at top priority tuner on server and clients.

I imagine that having a channel disabled (the red crossout icon) in the source tuner, means that it will not try that tuner source at all, even if the same TVE channel number is enabled on another source. Correct?

Should I have both sources enabled for single channel, but one source is Favorited, then will that mean that the sever will always try the Favorited source first, then, if that fails to authenticate, will try the non Favorited source? What happens if both sources are Favorited for that single channel?

I was just about to ask this question....but I see I already did...and never got a response.

If the same channel is enabled in each TVE source, If the 1st priority TVE (that is also a fav channel) fails to authenticate, for whatever reason, will the sever then try again using the 2nd TVE source credentials?