TVE to Emby on Docker/Unraid works beautifully

I tested on Unraid today, Docker to Docker. The only issue I encountered really wasn't an issue, but a small oversight. Due to the way Docker works with the TCP stack you can't run Emby using the "bridge" method, which uses the NAS's IP, and connect to C-DVR running in another Docker. It needs to have its own IP or it won't be able to connect to C-DVR, which already had its own IP. Once I fixed that my one test channel worked beautifully.

Now it's time to scrub the M3U files, tighten up the channel numbers, and go live. Thanks again to those that provided the information!

You can also just add the M3u directly from channels to EMBY and the Guide data from Channels.

This is all I have in EMBY ...

TV Source Setup


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How did your channel mapping in Emby go? Automatic? Manual?


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Did you modify any of the channel numbers for you use?

Nope they map exactly as they do in Channels DVR. You are getting the guide and channels directly from Channels DVR so everything maps correctly. If you want just TVE you can change ANY on the above to whatever TVE you are using.

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how do you do this?

You just add it to EMBY nothing special EMBY accepts your Channel M3U as a tuner and it also accepts the XMLTV guide data.

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ok, but how do I get the m3u file?


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Hey Edwin,

Thanks for all your help. I just have a question regarding the processing of the CDVR m3u feed. Do you happen to know of a setting in Emby that is processing the feed and creating a delay? Because when I connect to CDVR with VLC the channel comes up almost instantaneously. When I go through Emby it drags for 5 to 10 seconds. I even moved CDVR to a beefy Windows 10 machine, and gave the Emby Docker 6 of 8 cores to run, up from 3. No change. It's not a client issue because it's the same behavior using the Win 10 Emby client as the Ematic Android box, and the Shield Pro box which is on a wired gigabit connection about 12 feet of wire away from the server.

I tried messing with "transcoding" not expecting to have much luck and of course I didn't. Any ideas?


There is an option to Direct Play LivetV in EMBY... but then you lose time shift but you can always hit pause in EMBY and it will ask you if you want to switch to be able to timeshift ... this is the way I use EMBY. EMBY always Probes the file to see if it needs to transcode it that is why it is slow. There is also an option to try and direct play TS files.


Just tried this on Jellyfin and it work beautifully


Yeah JF works great. I have Emby running for the whole house but I also have a son with special needs. I'll be setting up Jellyfin for him with one library of his favorite movies, and a special guide/m3u with only channels that provide content he likes. I haven't looked into it yet but what I'd love is two icons on the home screen. TV and Movies. He clicks TV and it goes to the cards with what's currently playing, and when he hits movies it goes to the cards for all his movies.

Nice and clean, and easy for him to operate on any tv, his ipad, PC, etc.

If you have Channels what for to use Emby?

user Profiles ... Better handling of Movies ... Keeps track of In progress. and a lot more. Can set bitrate for users and remote users. In Channels right now one remote user can hog all the bandwidth.

The honest answer? Because I've had too many issues with the Channels app on Android. That's when I did more research and figured out the problem. Channels is an IOS product that's ported to other platforms. Fine if you're an Apple person, but I'm done with Apple. So from my time in the software business I know that those running a port will never be as happy as those running a product on its core platform. When I considered that along with all of the downright stupid issues I was experiencing, I wrote off the Channels app for Android.

So I decided to integrate the unique and positive aspects of the offering, which luckily exists on the back end, with something that's already in the best of breed category for Android on the glass. From what I've seen that's a toss-up between Plex and Emby. Since speed is my primary concern Emby was the clear winner, and here I am.

Mind sharing the issues you had and the advantages you gain?

To be honest the list is too long and I've written it too many times.

But in a nutshell, the ONLY reason I used Channels is their TVE feature. The only reason I wouldn't use Emby is its inability to deal with DRM, regardless of whether or not the box is certified. Channels solved the DRM problem in Emby through providing TVE via M3U, so now I'll be using Emby.

Funny that I use Android without any problems and for you this list is so long you can't even name a few. Again, as someone that hasn't run into any major problems, your post comes off as a little dramatic, which is OK, we all have different needs and uses. Sorry for bothering you to name a few of the problems and advantages of the seemingly overly complicated setup you are now using. Glad everything is running "beautifully" for you.