TVE - Xfinity - NBC SN disappeared?

I had the dreaded Xfinity password reset notice, got everything back working again but my TVE channels no longer include NBC SN. This is a massive hit as an avid soccer and cycling fan. I can watch NBC SN via Xfinity streaming on their website but the Tour de France, for example, is now only accessible by Gold through the NBC SN app and the channel doesn't show up at all in Channels DVR.

Has anyone else experienced this?

diving into the Channels TVE edit section it results with "network pid not found" for the NBCSN channel. the channel is part of my paid subscription so I'm currently at a loss as to why it is not accessible?

IIRC, the network PID issue is with NBCSN changing the video stream it serves, and is also tied to pre-roll ads. Others have reported this behavior especially when soccer is being broadcast.

If that's the case, it's not really something the developers can fix, as NBCSN is constantly/dynamically changing the stream. If problems like this persist, it will lead to one of two options: either deal with these issues as they come up as NBCSN making the experience horrible and realize you have to suffer through it and try again later; or, the Channels developers can just disable and remove NBCSN as a supported TVE channel because it's a moving target and not worth the effort to constantly chase down and fix.

Also, this error isn't specific to Xfinity, but rather tied to NBCSN.

that is very helpful! and also sucks, damned NBC :neutral_face:

They removed NBCSN back in January. They brought it back after NBC made some backend changes, but it looks like they have remove it again.