TVe + XFinity - Wrong channels?

Brand new user here... thinking of converting from Tivo.. Got channels DVR talking to my HDHomeRun no problem, and then had it log into my XFinity account. It went through the process of going through a list of channels, but when done, it's strange - I have channels available that I dont have on my TV/Tivo, and yet I'm also missing some which I am used to watching. Does XFinity typically provide a different set of channels when connecting via IP vs. CableCard?

Also, since if I get service via IP, I'm pretty open as to where I get my content from, is there a provider which people have had the best luck w/ Channels? I was thinking of trying Dish or some non-cable based provider if they work well over IP with the Channels DVR? I dont necessarily even care if I ever get the physical dish installed if I can get this working well..

TIA for the help! This looks very promising for a comprehensive replacement for us!!

Your HDHR with the CableCard will show the channels in Channels-DVR if they are not using DRM. When you log into your XFinity account, Channels-DVR scans the TVE channels that are available via TVE. TVE streams are provided by the networks not XFinity.

Sorry.. My message was misleading.. My HDHomeRun is connected to an antenna - I'm getting OTA channels there.. My XFinity is trying to download/stream over IP. I think I see what's happening - Others seem to also be reporting that as the scan is being done, XFinity is locking out accounts because of the "suspicious" activity. It still doesn't explain why I have channels I dont seem to have on the Tivo, but at least I think I see why I'm missing some..


You likely won’t get all the stations you would get with a cable box. The streaming functionality uses a technology called TV Everywhere. There is a good write up on it in the FAQs area of the site (linked above).

Also, TVE Channels 67xx and 69xx are 'free' TVE channels you get with Channels DVR TVE, no matter who your provider is.

Thanks.. That explains it - I thought Comcast (and all providers actually) were switching to the TVE for all channels, and that was a main reason they were pushing their own set top box (which is what I DONT want) vs supporting the cable cards.. Perhaps that's still futher in the future than I thought. AND.. the 67xx channels being there was confusing too.. makes sense now thanks!!

No, they're switching to IPTV and proprietary streams. You can think of it as similar to TVE, but that's like comparing a coffee shop's free wifi (TVE) to an enterprise wireless network spanning a large corporate campus (IPTV). The concepts are roughly the same, but they differ in infrastructure a bit.