TVE (Youtube TV) video stalling

Is anyone having issues where TVE video is stalling while the audio track is fine?

Haven’t run into that. Which client are you having the issue with?

AppleTV 4K+.

Hmm no I haven’t had any issues. Are there any errors shown in the DVR web ui log when the freeze happens?

Checked the log, no errors during playback. The issue is on both the ATV4K+ and the Webviewer, so maybe a recording issue versus a playback issue?

If you can access the recording file on your Channels DVR Server, try playing it back in VLC Player to see if it's issues with the recording.

So, I'm still having this issue with YouTube TV. Both recording and watching real time via the channels app. If I watch YouTube TV on my AppleTV 4K+ using the YouTube app it works perfectly. If I watch the same channel through the Channels app the video stutters and stalls. FiOS 200mbps service, all wired network, Mac mini M1 running channels DVR, ATV4K+ running channels app. Any ideas on troubleshooting? Thanks.

Are all channels affected or just some? If it was a recording issue there would typically be errors in the DVR logs when the recording is made.

CBS and FOX for sure.

Have you tried playing one of the affected recordings in VLC as suggested above?

Not yet as I'd kinda given up on it, but when I realized that it was live TV as well, I thought that I would bring it up again. Come to think of it, it does it FAR less on non-local channels.

Ok. Keep in mind that YouTube TV is only being used for authentication. The actual streams are coming from the network websites. That’s why I asked if only some channels were affected. Occasionally networks have problems with their feeds.

Thanks @Macnbaish, although I was aware of the multiple CDN setup, I hadn't really compared sources. It does appear to vary by content provider. I'm following a couple of other threads that seem to have similar challenges, so I'll jump over to them.

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