TVHeadend Support

For those of us who don’t want to shell out $8 a month for DVR, is there any chance you guys could implement TVheadend support? As your probably aware, it allows you to setup DVR for free by providing your own guide data. It also does stuff like comskip.

This tvheadend client for iOS and tvOS:

Has there full source code released on github!

Source code:

There is also the TVHeadend plug-in for Kodi/MrMC which has its full source code available on Github as well!

Source code:

That means you can see exactly how these developer interact with the tvheadend server/software to stream Live TV and do DVR recordings on apps available for Apple TV/iOS. Could you guys please take a look and see what you think about officially supporting TVHeadend?

TVHeadend is a great DVR server, but why would the Channels team support what is essentially a competing product, especially for the purpose of avoiding the $8 monthly fee for their own DVR?

To me, the more sensible thing to do would be for the TVHeadend community to develop/support their own tvOS/iOS apps. The tvOS app you refer to (tvhclient) is very very basic, doesn’t work particularly well, and hasn’t been updated in about a year.


I agree. And “shelling out” $8 a month is nothing compared to the $12/month my cable company was charging.

So, not trying to be contrary here or anything, but our two developers are working hard enough as it is and providing a fantastic experience while doing so. Do you realize what you’re asking them to do is basically to spend their time and effort to develop something so that you can avoid paying them? I really have a hard time listening to people complain about paying $8 a month. Especially, when, if like me, you’re saving big $$$ by not paying for cable. In my case I am saving ~$150 / month. C’mon!


Keep in mind 8$ is not 8 dollars for everyone on earth. Maybe you earn that during 10 minutes of work but in Poland it is over 2 hours. Just to keep this in perspective.