TVision Not Able to add as TVE Source

Trying to add new TVision asT Mobile TVE Source.
It never suceeds - just spins on this screen:
Once I got this screen:

The Server Activity Status section says: Verifying login on T-Mobile
This just remains on the activity and I need to reboot the server to clear it.

I am using current updated RPI USB Image and I have working TVE connections to YouTubeTV, Sling TV & Locast.
I want to switch to TVision - Can anyone please help here?

Update to latest prerelease and it should work. TVision was a pain to get going a few weeks back but the developers got it all working finally.

Could you please help and point me to instructions on how to update to a prerelease?

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I am having this issue now. Have updated to the latest pre release. Still no luck. Have submitted diagnostics and waiting a response. Anyone else have a solution?

For all channels or just the Discovery Channels? For me, I had to manually rescan the discovery brands the other day.

All channels. Nothing is working today.

I had to remove T-Mobile. And then re add it. At first, I got an error that required a text message verification, so I went to a web browser on my computer to access a live stream site (hgtv), to complete the verification link. Then I I went back to channels to add the source back. Kind of a pain, but it worked.

Just tried that. Worked on the HGTV site but failed in Channels.