tvOS 14.2 broke page and channel up/down?

Since updating to tvOS 14.2, I can't use page/channel up/down to move through the guide or to switch channels when viewing live TV. Is anyone else having problems? I'm on the latest Channels beta (11.3.112) and using a Harmony bluetooth remote.

Just doing some more testing with the 'Windows Computer' profile for the Harmony remotes that Channels uses for extra commands. The Page Up/Down commands no longer work for the guide or channel changing, but the Channel Up/Down commands do. But, they send double commands each time they're pressed (eg, you'll scroll 2 pages or go up 2 channels each time you press the button).

EDIT: I've also looked at the 'Mac Computer' profile. The same results as above, but the Rewind and Fast Forward commands in the profile work correctly for page up/down in the guide and channel up/down when changing channels.

Not sure if something's changed with tvOS 14.2, the Channels app, or the Harmony remote profiles.

My atv4k took the update the other day. The page up down seems to be working fine with the sofabaton but it will no longer wake the atv4k. Now I need to use the original remote to wake the unit.

My Sofabaton up/down buttons, mapped to pageup/pagedown per the directions, don't work for live tv channels or in the guide anymore.

Just tried mine again both channel up/down and guide page up/down work fine. The only thing on the guide is it pages down one channel to far so I miss one channel on each page. I'm running beta 11.3.112

Are they mapped to PageUp/down or ChannelUp/Down?


That's how mine is setup and it no longer does anything in the guide or watching live. On server 2020.11.07.0256, and running the AppleTV beta Channels now, just updated to see if it fixed it.

tvOS 14.2 definitely changed something. I also see some issues with the power on/off sequences with the Harmony profiles not being as reliable as they were. I think we'll need to wait for the Channels devs and/or Harmony to have a look at what changed and update the app and profiles as needed.

This is confirmed. We’ll look into it this week.

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After checking it out, it appears tvOS 14.2 isn't sending the right key in the event for Page Up and Page Down.

We've submitted the issue to Apple to see what's going on.

Thanks for looking into it. As a workaround I've switched to using the Rewind and Fast Forward keys from the Mac Computer profile on the Harmony, but I'm guessing that's not an option for other types of remotes.