tvOS 14.3 makes organizing "On Now" Favorites a lot harder

I mentioned this during the tvOS 14.3 beta but now that's it's officially released, I can confirm the bug still exists in Channels.

When trying to organize favorites in the "On Now" grid, the highlighted channel loses focus. So you can't move them around easily, you have to reselect the channel again before every move. Try it (with tvOS 14.3, released today) and you'll see what I mean. In tvOS 14.2 the channels would move consistently and intuitively, making organization easy. Now, they don't.

Am I the only one experiencing this? Now it's an issue on both of my AppleTV's.

We are looking into it.

Some good news. One of my AppleTV’s just updated to tvOS 14.4 (18K5780c) and this issue has been fixed.

My other AppleTV is still on tvOS 14.3, where the issue remains. But at least now it seems confirmed that this was a bug on Apple’s end that they are now addressing.

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