tvOS 14.5 audio not working with experimental driver

Running tvOS 14.5 (18L5149j) and the experimental audio stops working a second or two after starting a stream. Switching to the Default audio driver causes the audio to play, but be out of sync. If I pause then play it syncs back up. Could also be that I'm using two HomePods set up as a stereo pair, but they were working before the update. Thinking it might have something to do with how the update handles Airplay2. Anyone else have this issue or have any advice?

Logs have been submitted as fba62ce1-99c2-4758-9411-c95568553daf.

We need diagnostics from the Apple TV after the issue occurs there.

Thanks, just submitted, but not sure what the # is.

Thanks, got them.

I wouldn't recommend using tvOS betas, because things frequently break and then are fine by the time the stable release comes out.

You're right of course, but somebody has to be the guinea pig.

I'm having the same problem but worse. I play about 10 minutes into a recorded show and the show stops and then will not play any more just goes back to the screen where you press watch. Been using channels for 2 years and it has been flawless except for this. I am using the HomePod setup also. Also running tvOS 14.5 (18L5149j)

on 14.5 without issues using a standard AVR. Have you guys updated HomePod to 14.5 ?

note to @tmm1 and @maddox - there are already rumblings about some interesting tvOS video/audio changes (ongoing 24p vs 23.9xxxx stuff) - i would be wary of this upgrade being seamless.

I have tvOS 14.5 and a HomePod pair and can confirm the loss of audio sync with the Default drivers.

Yep, running HomePod 14.5.

With the default driver, pausing and unpausing seems to re-sync the feeds.

I can confirm that as of TestFlight version 2.15.120 the default audio driver is working great again. Experimental driver still drops out, but will stick with default. Thank you!

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Please try the latest beta from TestFlight (2.16.2145). If the experimental driver is not working, please submit diagnostics from the app after playback and describe the issues here.