TVOS 14 release

With the new OS coming out presumably tomorrow are we safe to update our Apple TVs?

Should be fine, you might just see some cosmetic weirdness. But we still haven't verified :rofl:

We usually get a week between GM release for developers and public release. It looks like Apple burned us this year.

Hopefully a GM will come out TODAY, but either way I'll be working with it in 14.

If you're worried and this is mission critical, don't update.

Yeah surprised they are releasing so quick, thanks for the quick response as well.

I’ve run the current store release in iOS and tvOS 14 and things look great!

If anyone sees anything tomorrow, let us know in here.

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For what’s it’s worth... been running iOS 14 beta and Channels beta on a current gen iPhone and 2 Apple TV’s and have had 0 issues.

*Apple TVs are not 4K version

ive been running the Channels app and the DVR beta app throughout the tvOS beta cycle without issues

You know, they make this thing, called a public beta... :slight_smile:

(I'm kidding - i can't imagine how bad it is to time an app release, if needed, with something like the App Store, and combine an iOS release - must be "fun")

One weird thing I have noticed since going to IOS 14 on Apple TV is the Apple TV screensaver (with all of the pretty pictures) is kicking while I actively watch TV with Channels DVR. It is like the Apple TV doesn't realize that there is a show playing. I haven't noticed this on any other App.

Please submit diagnostics from the app after this happens.


Problem: Cover art overlapping each other while using an IR Remote works OK with the Apple Remote?

When selecting Search the search PAD comes up on the left and the cover art on the right side of the Search PAD will overlap each other when scrolling down.

At one time it was fixed by making the Search PAD transparent allowing the cover art to shift over to the left side allowing the search PAD to still be seen, and used with the navigation pad on the remote.

Was fixed several beta releases ago.

With the Public Release same Problem ?


Please take a photo of the problem


I took a photo from the TV and as you can see the cover art over laps as you scroll down and up, this only happens with a IR remote setup with the - Remote and Devices / Learned Remotes Option - under the Apple TV Settings.

Using the Apple TV Remote it works fine because the Alpha / Numeric PAD are on the Top Horizontal Row on top.

Thanks how this was helpful

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Thanks! We’re aware and feel bad about it!

We’ll be working to fix it soon.