TVOS 15 beta

Beware before installing the tvOS 15 beta. Can't get Channels to open. Not unexpected… it is a beta. Just be forewarned.

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As has been stated many times in the past: Channels is not tested against any beta versions of OS releases. No support will be offered to users in Apple's developer program for beta releases.

Channels software releases are only tested against stable/release versions of Apple OSes.

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Thanks for the update, seeing the same issue on my Apple TV 4K (not the 2021 model) and tvos 15 dev beta 1

I don't know why you're telling me this and I don't appreciate the tone. I CLEARLY stated that this behavior was expected. I did not ask for support.

I'm merely giving others who might want or need to install the developer beta a heads-up. Sometimes Channels work with them, sometimes it doesn't.

If I had posted, "How come Channels isn't working with the new beta??" your response would be warranted.

But I didn't, and it's not.


You are posting about a beta OS release not working with Channels. I was posting a response stating such a configuration was not supported. There was no "tone" beyond dry statements of fact.

How would you prefer unsupported configurations be discussed, if merely stating they're "unsupported" has the wrong "tone"? Should this forum take the tactic of SiliconDust's and simply remove your posts without explanation?

Or maybe a statement explaining why your statement isn't appropriate nor supported should suffice?

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Thank you for the heads up. We generally don't put effort into beta bugs, but it is helpful to know what's coming up for users.

Crashers are considered higher priority so we'll try to get this fixed in the next few days once we've upgraded to Xcode 13 beta.


The other commenters in this thread, including the developer, found my warning useful. i’m sorry you did not.

I hope your day gets better. :slight_smile:

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You are welcome. I didn’t expect Channels to work with the new tvOS beta, and I wasn't seeking help. I just wanted to let those who might be inclined to upgrade their tvOS know that it wouldn’t work.

I'm sorry others have had trouble comprehending this.

I'm glad you found the information useful. :slight_smile:


As someone who's wrestled with tvOS betas before, I appreciate the heads up too!

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Please try the latest build from TestFlight to see if the crash is fixed.

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It works. I didn't expect a fix for a tvOS beta, but thank you!


Crash is fixed for me too… thanks for the crazy quick response and bug fix!


Thank you for letting us know - I will hold off.

If y'all got AirPods Pro or Pro Max I would highly suggest checking out the spatial audio. Just make sure you are playing content with 5.1 or higher. works great in the channels app and the simulated experience of surround sound is out of this world.

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I was so excited to hear the news about Spatial Audio coming to tvOS. And even more excited to hear that it works with Channels! Thanks for the info!

TestFlight link on page is for Channels DVR beta. Is there a beta for the regular Channels tvOS app?

Is this on TvOS 15, or on TVOS14.6?
I’ve got 14.6 installed but haven’t seen any place to enable spacial audio like on iOS. I’ve got a whole library of surround music that I’ve created for my iOS listening experience and have been really enjoying surround music on my AirPod pros.

Spatial Audio is live for tvOS14.6, however using it with channels app would be tvOS15

Thanks Spence!

I think it’s only partially live on Apple TV for Apple Music. TVOS 14.6 has no extra button to enable it in the control center on Apple TV, unless I missing something?

I don’t subscribe to Apple Music, so haven’t tested atmos music.

Grow up, dude.