tvOS App Stuck in HDR Mode

Just noticed that when I playback regular HD channels, they are now in HDR mode. I remember in the past that they would playback in SDR. I also remember there being a toggle to choose between SDR and HDR for native playback of the source. Has this feature been removed? Any way to have HDR when viewing the Channels menus, and SDR for playback? Or just leave it in SDR mode? I'd like to make this change just for "Channels" and not have to globally configure my Apple TV device.

I'm using an Apple TV 4K, tvOS 14.4,
with Channels Beta 2.4.2113

Apple TV is configured to match frame rate AND dynamic content.

Note: The latest update to Beta 2.11.1602 still has this "always on" HDR issue.

I had it set for HDR and match dynamic content so the tv would adjust SRD and HDR on it's own based on the content but when I get home I will check.

Are you talking about a setting in the Channels tvOS app? Or a setting in Apple TV itself? My Apple TV setting is working correctly as I can see this change when using other apps. What I'm curious about is the setting within the Channels app. It seems my Channels app is always putting out a signal to indicate it is HDR (even when the source is not). My TV only supports SDR & HDR10 (not Dolby Vision), but Channels will not budge from HDR10 output when I open that particular app.

I swear I remember seeing an SDR/HDR switch in the app a long time ago. I think it went away in an update about a year ago and I can't seem to find the setting.

I don't recall that setting on the app but I set on the Apple TV setting HDR and mach dynamic range and Channels outputs in SDR and switching to a App that has HDR like Apple TV+ it changes to HDR. My Samsung TV has an indicator showing HDR when that is the output and nothing when it's on SDR besides the difference in the image.

I think that feature on apple tv is broken in 14.4 since it's not switching now.

Had you watched an hdr video in channels previously?

Do you know how it might have gotten in to hdr mode?

No, I've never viewed a true HDR video in Channels before, but I did enable the HDR feature in the past. I liked to view the menu system in HDR to get a better color palette and contrast. However, it would switch back to SDR when playing recorded videos. Now it appears to be stuck in HDR mode in Channels. Other apps (Prime, Netflix, etc.) still go between SDR/HDR automatically, depending on the source.

You should run your Apple TV in SDR mode and let the matching switch to HDR.

This is not just our suggestion, but the professional suggestion of almost all tv reviewers. Besides the awkward colors, running in HDR mode at all times can ruin your TV.

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I have seen the Apple TV stuck in HDR mode when match is on. Thats a development bug that rarely shows up and a restart fixes it. Its not a Channels app specific issue.

Strangely, the app is working now. It did auto-update to v2.11.2042 and I just started the new PlayOn service. So, something between those two got things working right.

And, THANK YOU for that awesome suggestion. I had no idea I could put Apple TV in SDR mode and still use the match “content” feature. So now everything is in SDR until a video plays that support HDR10 or Dolby Vision. I had assumed if I put Apple TV in SDR mode, everything would be downgraded. Wow! Simple, but powerful change.