Tvos15.4.1 hangs

Ive noticed some very strange behavior on my apple tv ever since upgrading to TvOS15.4.1.

This issue goes beyond Channels usage. It is system wide. There are amazing tech savvy users in our community, so im putting this out there in case anyone else is seeing anything like this.

Ever since upgrading, i am forced to restart my apple tv 4k. (First gen model) several time a day.

The symptom is that all audio disappears completely over hdmi (or airpods when in use)

Airpods can also think they are connected, but no audio over Bluetooth.

Streaming apps like netflix, peacock, also get hosed and give error messages, even though I’ve verified good internet connection using speedtest on the apple tv.

You can still navigate and open apps.

The only way to get out of this “stuck” mode is to restart the apple tv or power it down and power back up.

This has been a very robust system for me up until this latest update.

Yesterday i did a nuke and pave and reinstalled the unit to factory settings - although I wish there was a way to revert the unit back to TVOS15.4.

Anyone else noticing stability issues with their apple tv after updating to 15.4.1?

Im now having to restart several times a day which is unacceptable.

Ive also tried disabling sleep mode thinking that perhaps there was an issue waking from sleep.

Any ideas?

No issues here. Though, I have the newest version 2nd gen A2169.
Sounds like your Apple TV is failing.