livestream and XMLTV guide data

You, sir, are a phenomenal person :crown:

Really appreciate you updating the script. Is this not the right file location because I'm still not getting any guide data? Don't see anything in the docs on how to do this.

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I just tried uploading to github and copying and pasting the link from there and still not getting any guide data.

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How did you run the script? Did you setup the docker?

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I did. It created the basic.xml and inputed that file into Channels per the file location.

When I tried that it worked for me.

Did you map the data using the Manage Lineup window by clicking the plus

Does the log show data being fetched?

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I guess I didn't know I needed to map it. I updated my DVR to the latest pre-release which restarted the DVR and it finally popped up. Thank you for your help figuring this out.

Thanks so much!

This is working great, thanks so much. Now I can queue up recordings of some upcoming shows I'm interested in, and watch them after they've aired, in faster speed. Maybe set up a Virtual Channel too?

I do note that Season Passes for these shows don't work, maybe they're not possible because they're not regular TV shows?

Also is there a trick to be able to tune into this channel's stream in-between live shows, when they're airing repeats throughout the week? With blank guide data I have nothing to select and am unable to tune in at all at that time. Not a big deal but I'm wondering if I'm missing something obvious.

EDIT TO ADD: Yes, I was missing something obvious, the ON NOW screen! We can just tune into the TWiT stream that way, even without guide data, when the repeats are airing. Sweet!

I have noticed this too. I can record individual every week but can’t do a season pass. Maybe I need to try an advanced pass and see if that works.

This may be a dumb question but that seems to be the theme for my evening...
Is the ical-to-xmltv docker supposed to run persistently? Is the guide data it creates repeating and the XML file enough, or will it expire in a couple of weeks? Asking because I've got the docker installed and launching fine, it creates the basic.xml file, which works with Channels, but I also see that the docker exits a few seconds later. Should I be using a cron command to have it run again every 2 weeks or something? I have hlstube and channels-baseball running successfully in Docker Desktop too, and they're persistent. So yes, while I'm grateful for everything shared here, and seem to have figured out how to get this far, I'm still a little confused. :thinking:

Same. I feel like it’s only two weeks worth of guide date it seems like. I have really opened the xml file to see if it is.


How do you run a "cron" command?

I'm learning too, and this seems to be a good spot to start:

It might be simpler to modify the docker to run in a loop, similar to how the Pluto one does.

ChatGPT can probably make the changes. You could add a loop in the

If season passes aren't working the xmltv will need to be updated to add unique program identifiers

I have been playing with this probably for the past 2 hours since your last response. I have gotten to this code.

while true; do
echo ""

sleep 120


But it doesn't show that the file hasn't been recreated. Only the first time starting up the docker. Any ideas as to why?

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Awesome, this is working great. Thanks again @tmm1

Season Passes are not working, but that makes sense as to why, thanks.

Yes, Advanced Passes appear to be working for me. I set some up by show name and they’re now queued. :+1:

I updated the code so the XMLTV can work with season passes

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