Two Locations setup / One account


Right now I have a channels DVR subscription for my home in Virginia. and use Apple TV and iphone to watch.
I want to do is do the same Setup in PA , with my same acccount. so i can get stations in PA and VA. And watch the Pa stations at my home In VA.
is this possible? has anyone does this ?


You can setup two instances of the DVR if you want, but you will only be able to turn on Remote Access on one of them.


If I can set it up and remote connect to pa I could toggle remote connection . That may work right ?


Is it possible to have one Quatro at home and another in a motorhome under one Premium TV account and DVR ability only at the location we are physically at. For instance, our home base in in NC but we will be in Florida for 4 months. I have two Quatro's but only one is activated right now.

We wouldn't need the ability or use of the home Quatro while traveling. It's just convenient to install a device semi-permanently in the motorhome.

I'm just trying to be clear about this, I have no need to have 8 streams but I don't know if the best way to do this is register both on my home network then take one to the motorhome. Or, register one which is what I have already then switch back and forth via activation code? If in Florida, we wouldn't need to use NC remotely.