Two long-standing bugs in iPad app

Hi guys, when you have time, it would be nice to fix two long standing iPad bugs.

(a) the play controls in picture-in-picture mode are highly unreliable. The most common failure mode is that the backward jump button becomes a forward jump button. This tends to happen when

  • you're using picture in picture
  • you slide the PiP window to the side (so that it's just a little tab)
  • you use the iPad for various other things for a few hours (some reading, lots of switching apps, the iPad frequently goes to sleep and wakes up)
  • you pull back the PiP tab to see the full movie, and start playing again.

(There's also the question of why PiP backwards/forwards is locked to 15s, as opposed to using the time steps the user chose, but that's rather lower priority.)

(b) search is all over the place!
Sometimes it works really well; you type in a word or two and get exactly what you expect. Sometimes you get lots of material that seems to have nothing to do with what you expect (it seems like the search eagerly grabs the first three letters or whatever you typed, and ignores everything typed after that).
Sometimes (especially when there is nothing found) rather than the properly sized "tab bar along the top" of TV Shows, TV Movies, ...Episodes, each of the five tabs is shrunk to what looks like "small enough to fit on an iPhone screen".
And when nothing is found, the fact that all five tabs are shown is somewhat confusing and sub-optimal (especially given all the other bugs in search) so you waste time tapping all five tabs in the hope that perhaps one of them has what you want, the system was just not smart enough to switch to it automatically.

I think the search UI needs another round of TLC (at least on iPad).