Two PBS TV Shows β€” Same Show Name But Different Series

In Denver, one of our two PBS stations is airing Professor T. I set a new season pass for Professor T, SeriesID=19979641 and Tags=New. The first episode of season 1 recorded. This is the British Professor T.

The next morning, a previous Professor T pass, SeriesID=13086497 and Tags=New, recorded the first episode of season 3. This is the Belgian Professor T.

Both episodes were stored in the same folder /Channels/TV/Professor T to my great surprise. Two different seriesIDs with the same Show Name.

Using Channels search on the IOS app, β€œProfessor” only finds the British version. To find the Belgian, I need to search for β€œT.” Both the β€œT” and the period.

This must be an issue with two series having the same Show Name and likely a limitation of the guide database and how Channels DVR stores the video. Confusing. Just another odd issue with Show Names and Channels. Channels recorded both. No complaints here.

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One way they could fix that is by using the release year in the series title
Professor T (2015)
Professor T (2017)
Professor T (2021)

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^^^^ Second this!

This is the habit I have gotten into with Stream Links and it works very well in the backend identifying the correct one, so the logic must already be there.