Two playback issues


My set up is as follow;

HDHR duo connected to router.
WD MyCloud Home 2T connected to router
2 x Firestick 4K
1 x iPhone XS
1 x Galaxy S8 Plus

All wireless viewing.

Issue I have is if recording anything to DVR I cannot play it back whilst recording.

If recording 2 shows to DVR I cannot then watch either channel life even with tuner sharing turned on.

Remotely I can connect to channels dvr, I can view the guide and recorded content. However I cannot get the video to play remotely on any device.


Do you get error messages when attempting to do these things?


Check the Log tab on the DVR web UI to see if there are errors shown.


No, it shows no errors on screen


It looks like there's a bug in the current DVR release that affects the MyCloud Home. Many error messages are shown in the Log tab of the DVR web UI which would have helped diagnose this problem.

To fix this issue, hold SHIFT and click the Check for Updates button on the DVR web UI.


Good info, thanks.

I have just ordered an Nvidia shield so for the time being will has the WD until switching over.