Two remote streams, dvr is sending 27mbps


I have two remote streams running. Both apple tvs are set to stream at 720 p 6mbps and the DVR is sending 27 mbps. It's using up all of the upstream bandwidth and causing lag. Is there a way to fix this?


Here is the task manager performance. Right now I only have 1 720p 6mbps going. Task manager shows 20.1 mbps sending out and the graph shows that its spiked on and off while doing it. Any reason?


Live or recording?

I don't think that graph is accurate. It may be counting data to/from the HDHomeRun.


Live. It used to be pretty accurate until a couple of updates ago. It would sit pretty much around 6 mbps. Two remote streams would have it around 12-13


Anything I should try? When I do a speed test between the DVR and my remote network I'm getting 21 download consistently. Same with another remote network. But when two streams are going at the same time, they both lag


What does the Log show


You could also click the “Open Resource Monitor” link there and go to the network tab. It will show you more details, including how much traffic each process is sending. That would help confirm that it’s the Channels server process and not something else.


It looks like I can not enable hardware decoder on version 2019.05.10.0526. The option isn't even there for hardware. Is this a bug?


Nevermind, I fixed it. Problem with the graphics card