Two series IDs for NBC Nightly News?


I have had my DVR scheduled to record NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt for quite some time. Tonight, it didn't record. I investigated, and found that tonight's episode has a new series ID. So now there are two separate series IDs for the same series. When I look at the schedule for the previous, there are no episodes until February 9. And in the meantime, the new series ID runs until that date.

Does anyone know why this would happen? And can I modify my series pass so that it picks up both IDs?



Multiple Listings for Same Series

Pretty strange. The data is coming directly from Gracenote so they decided to do this for some reason.

You might be able to use SeriesID CONTAINS xxx to add the second series to the same pass.


I to had this problem. Looks like you beat me to it. So it appears this is a data issue with the provider? Is there any to modify to season pass to include both series IDs?


Thanks for the quick response @tmm1 ! Dumb question - Did you mean Title CONTAINS (rather than SeriesID CONTAINS)?
I completely removed SeriesID and changed it to this, which I think will now pick up all of the episodes. Let me know if you can think of a better way to do it. And as always, thanks for your help!



This is the only way I see to accomplish your all conditions are added.

As you cannot have use SeriesID contains “x” AND SeriesID contains “y”


No, recording rules are only AND, not OR. (The logic to support OR rules would require some rewriting of the rule matching logic.)

Personally, this is the one feature I miss most from Tvheadend: the incredibly flexible and powerful rules.


Ok. I have updated my pass with you rules and I can see matches 20 airings, but my it show only 10 scheduled recordings. How do you get the dvr to refresh the pass?

06%20AM 54%20AM


Ugh, I record this too. This is so weird that they're doing this.

No matter what, it's going to create 2 shows in the Channels library since they're separate Series IDs. Why not just keep the old pass and create a new one. That's what I've done.


It seems to have worked itself out. A timed refresh of the season passes.


Well if they do this again in the future you would have to create a third pass? With the TITLE rule it would just pick it up. No more messing the season pass? Since, I only keep that last one recorded I don't think my library would be cluttered with a bunch of these shows.

But this is very annoying on the tv data provider side of things.


I was assuming it would show as a single show in the library since they were both under a single pass. But as @carterbunch mentioned, using the title rule will at least prevent the issue if they add another series ID in the future. I just hope this doesn't start happening with other shows. I can live without a night or two of Lester Holt. But if we miss a recording of This is Us, my wife will kill me!! :slight_smile:


By the way, @carterbunch... I specifically set the title to contain only "NBC Nightly News" (omitting With Lester Holt) just in case Lester pulls a Brian Williams and gets himself fired. If one day it changes to NBC Nightly News with Pee Wee Herman, I'll still be covered!


Setting a pass for this right now because this is not to be missed.


We have the same issue with a local nightly news show. Created some real confusion the other night. Usually we delete these after watching them. One time last weekend we did not. This resulted in two "Up Next" listings that were apparently identical come Monday evening.