Two Sources

I am in Ireland.
I have two sources.
1 is Irish Saorview channels from a Vbox tuner provided M3U playlist.
1 is Freesat channels from anotherVbox tuner provided M3U playlist.
Both tuners and M3U playlists work.
When I add both as sources in Channels and do manage lineup the first one sets up fine. However once I do manage channels on the second source it overwrites the channel info in the first source.

For example I set up the saorview source and i have channels RTE 1, RTE2 in my guide.
Then I set up the second source and I have channels BBC 1, BBC2 in my guide but when I select BBC1 it shows RTE 1 and same with BBC2 it will show RTE 2.

I have been at this for hours and going mad. What am I doing wrong when managing 2 sources?

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It means your m3u is missing channel-id tags which is listed as required in the documentation

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Is there any solution?

You need to add the channel-id tag for each channel that's in your m3u files.

Can anyone recommend a good M3U editor?

If the m3us are being generated automatically by the devices and there are no options for customization you’d have to write some kind of script to take in the m3us, add the tags, and then have channel import those.

I was thinking of downloading them and importing into an editor to add channel IDs and then saving it on a host somewhere. Cant find an editor with Channel ID as a option.

Send the m3us to [email protected]