TZ wrong in guide data

I've got channels working inside a docker container on Unraid. I noticed that the guide data was off two hours. Doing some investigation I found that Unraid was set to PDT while I am CDT. I changed Unraid to CDT and channels did not correct. So I rebooted the machine. Still channels guide data is off (showing The Rooking coming on at 7pm instead of 9pm). I recreated the channels docker container. It is still wrong. I deleted and recreated the guide database in channels. It is still wrong. What the heck is going on here? I can shell into the channels container and the time is correct. Channels settings says CDT is the tz. What am I missing?

Where are you seeing guide data off by two hours?

In the web guide. You can see in the image that The Rookie is recording but it shows as 7:30 when it's now 9:30

Can you check the time on the browser? Are you accessing from the same computer running the dvr or another device?

That was it. Sorry for the noise. For some reason my MacBook was on PDT. Fixed.

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