UK: Judder on Channels on Apple TV


I've noticed I have judder (especially on the HD channels) when using the channels app on Apple TV. I have a feeling it is due to PAL being 50hz. If I set my Apple TV to 50hz it is much better but everything else on Apple TV is awful.

Is there anyway around this for us UK folk?


You can set it to 50hz and then enable frame rate matching so other apps switch to 60hz


Been a while since I've used Channels on ATV but has the option to auto switch frame rate within the app been removed then?


Thanks, I've done that :smile:

I've been playing with the settings for an hour or so but now I seem to have a stutter that occurs every 10 seconds or so.

Any chance this could be a HDMI issue?


I believe so. I only see an option for SDR switching.


Just to update on this. I believe I've solved it. I swapped my HDMI cable to a new high speed one (which seemed to have fixed vertical tearing I was experiencing on everything) and also tinkered with my TV's settings (Sony's film mode and motion settings - medium and standard) and it seems spot on now after letting a channel settle for a minute or two.