Unable to Add Hulu Live or YouTube TV via TVE

I've used the TVE feature a lot, having previously tried TVE with Sling, Philo,
and YouTube TV. I'm familiar with the procedure. Since yesterday I can not
add TVE service for either YouTube TV or Hulu Live.

First I lost access via TVE to Food Network. After troubleshooting that I concluded
that The Google had cancelled TVE access for Food Network and other Discover

I researched and found that it should work with Hulu Live, so I subscribed
and tried to add Hulu Live with no success. The error message led me to
suspect this was not user error.

Unfortunately before trying to add Hulu I had removed YouTube TV as a source.
Now I am unable to add YouTube TV as a TVE source.

I am aware that I must first login to NBC. I have logged in to NBC. While logged
in to NBC I get the error message I'd expect to get if I was not logged into NBC.
Attaching an image that shows how very logged in I am to NBC.

So I have two probably unrelated problems:

Can't connect Channels to Hulu Live
Can't Connect Channels to YouTube TV

Did you upgrade to the latest pre-release. There was fixes for hulu and Youtube login in the past month.
Also on some systems (depending on the server) you may need to upgrade google chrome to the latest version as well.

When logged into the server make sure you are using https://localipaddress:8089. As this is required for local stations to pull geo location.

Just things to start off with.

I was not running the pre-release, or aware of it. I am running it now and the Hulu problem is fixed !

Thanks for the prompt and accurate help.

Issue resolved,

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