Unable to connect to DVR


I’m running Channels DVR on a QNAP 251+ version 2018.09.26.1635 and have the beta version 145 of the app running on Nvidia Shield TV.
I can’t get the app to connect or find the DVR, I’ve rebooted the NAS, the Shield TV, the Router. Checked for updates. Turned bonjour on and off with no joy.
The Shield is connected to the NAS as Plex can see the files and Plex Media Server on there.
Any ideas?


Got anything, Android or iOS mobile device, computer, upon which you can run a bonjour browser?


Please submit diagnostics from the app. I think I know what’s happening and will have a new beta today with a fix.


I’ve sent diagnostics just now under the Other category.


Thanks. I just uploaded beta v146 to the Play store. Let me know if it fixes the issue for you.


Perfect, that update has solved the problem! Thanks so much for the quick response!


I was having that problem with v145 also. It was because the QNAP doesn’t have IPV6 enabled by default. If you turned IPV6 on while on v145, it would find the server. Good to see that v146 fixes the issue.