Unable to create a pass that records HD when SD is shown first


In the UK, the Tour de France highlights are shown on ITV4 (SD) at 7pm each evening. The highlights are also shown later in the evening on ITV 1 HD (1am). What I can't do via the Channels app on my Apple TV is to get the ITV 1 HD repeat showing to record. It always defaults to the earlier showing. If I go into the pass and say "record everything", it still doesn't schedule the ITV 1 HD recording. And it's the same if I go to the guide, select the ITV 1 HD episode and select "Record", it still isn't scheduled.

How do I get it to record on on ITV HD?


Set it to only record on that particular channel.


You can edit the pass via the dvr web UI and assign a channel number there.


Thank you - manged to sort it out.


So that wasn't quite what I wanted. I want it to record both SD and HD versions. But the HD versions are always listed as queued (then it lists the time of the SD version). The only way it looks like I can do this it to get rid of the series pass and set everything to record manually.

The missus likes to watch as soon as possible (so the SD version in the evening) - I like to watch the following morning in HD.


Struggling here - I don't seem to be able to set manual recordings either after cancelling the series pass. If I set the earlier SD episode to record, it won't let me force the later HD episode to record on the other channel (using the web ui).

Any suggestions?


Indeed I get the wrong Channel names but this isn't a Channels DVR issue I presume rather than a HD Home Run issue, as I am pretty sure it does this on Plex DVR (awful service).

I just set a series pass for it (All episodes) and I typed in 103 in the channel box, and in my planned list I only get the 1am showings in my recording schedule.


No issues on the test recording I did, it went straight and recorded the ITV HD showing at 1am


Unfortunately there's no easy way to do this right now. The dvr doesn't like to record the same thing more than once.


I would make a request for being able to force record the same special/movie/episode again or make a manual recording that forces it. Lots of use cases for it and I have had them also.

Just an option on a pass to record ALL or when you select something from the guide to record it again (even though Channels DVR says you already did that dummy, why do you want to re-record it?)

My cases have been when the EPG guide data is wrong and I know better, but I can't override it, or it thinks the SD recording it made was HD and it wasn't, or it thinks two episodes are the same ones, but they aren't and I know better... and on and on and on...