Unable to find match for Conan Without Borders

Does anyone with access to Gracenote or Zap2it have time to look up a SH number for me? I can't get my library to find a match for Conan Without Borders.


Do you have any that you recorded with Channels, or are they local content imports?
If recorded with Channels, it has the info you're looking for in the recorded files json.

zap2it lists them along with the regular season episodes https://tvlistings.zap2it.com/overview.html?programSeriesId=SH01332392&tmsId=SH013323920000
For instance, Conan Without Borders: Ghana is listed as SE09E102

I did local imports, It seems they were collected into two seasons for HBO Max, so I was hoping to match that format.

I remember having a problem with this show even back in the TiVO days. If a recall, it is a repackage of regular episodes and both Gracenote and Xperi do not create new shows for stuff like this. Unfortunately, this is hardly the only show like this and will continue to be a problem without access to a different resource for matching and/or being able to manually edit metadata.