Unable to record from the Guide

With the untimely demise of Locast I have just switched to HDHomeRun Flex Duo. I and am able to watch live TV in Channels but I can't seem to be able to record from the Guide on the Apple TV app. Clicking on a program that hasn't aired has no effect. When I was using Locast it clicking on a program would bring up some recording options. Now it doesn't do anything.

It looks like I can set up season passes from the web interface, so the issue seems to be specific to the Apple TV app.

Client info:
Channels v4.5.8
Apple TV 4K
tvOS 14.7

Server version:

Usually means guide data is not assigned to the hdhomerun on the dvr web UI

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Thanks @tmm1! I had previously tried to redownload the guide and it didn't seem to fix the issue, but after I deleted the tuner and set it up again it started working. Love this app and very grateful for the excellent support!