Unable to record same show on two channels


In iOS app I went to the Guide and selected to record the State of the Union on PBS ch 50.1, and then I also wanted to record it from another broadcaster such as CBS, NBC, ABC, etc, but I am unable to set up the recording.
When I tap on the program for the second channel I get the window with the Record button, and tapping the Record button gives the Record/Record With Options/Cancel choices, and regardless if I pick Record or Record With Options a window with only the End (Start as well for RWO) and Adjust Options buttons appear, and tapping the Adjust Options button does not set up a recording for the second channel.

So the bottom line is I am unable to set up a second recording of the State of the Union show.


Looking at it on the web interface in Safari on my Channels DVR Mac all of the different channels airings of the "State of the Union 2019" have the clock icon next to it and they all says it is queued but clicking that always shows just the PBS channels as the one to be recorded.

That matches with the iOS Guide page which only highlights the PBS airing as being set to record.

Anyway, the web interface also does not allow me to specify to record the show on a different channel.


The State of the Union sort of reveals a small limitation in how Channels DVR manages scheduled recordings.

When you set a program to record, it's set to record that actual program, based on its ID. Channels DVR won't let you schedule the same Program twice.

Because the SOTU uses the same program id, you get what you're currently seeing.

It almost never surfaces as an actual issue because it's really rare that it happens. But the SOTU is one of those cases.


Yeah, I suspected it was something like that, thanks for the explanation.
So no manual workaround I guess.


I suppose once it starts you can commnce a recoding on the second channel. But you have to wait until it starts.

Another workaround might be to create a series pass, then using the web UI to modify it to use only a specific channel. Then create another series recording doing the same for a second channel.

I'm sure someone else might be able to come up with a different work around.


I don't think any of these workarounds will work unfortunately. The DVR is currently quite stubborn about not recording the same thing more than once.

Funny story, during the initial DVR alpha development two years ago I created a pass for the SOTU and it recorded it on every single channel and ran out of tuners.


I tried to create a pass but there is no way to specify for what channel, and it marked all airings as being set to record, but in the Schedule it shows it will only record on PBS (the channel airing I tapped on to create the pass).


LOL on the recording of every channel.
Looks like that is fixed as setting up a pass shows all airings will be recorded in Guide, but Schedule shows only one channel scheduled for recording.


Using the web UI, when you set it to record, under the record options is an option to create a series pass. Then you can modify the series pass to only record a particular channel.

However it sounds as if it won't matter, as the system won't record multiple instances of the same program.


If you create an advanced pass for Title CONTAINS State of the Union 2019
It appears to pickup different start times.
I manually chose that PBS recording from the Guide, rest are from advanced pass.

Now all of my Prime's 3 tuners are busy for awhile

Although the SoTU is over, it worked, they're all still recording. May be able to do this by picking each recording from the guide individually?

If not, I vote for Manual Recording ability.


Thanks for the tip, never had a chance to try this, but will keep in mind for next time I run into this situation.