Unable to Scrub Timeline on Fire HD Tablet

I just recently got the newest version Fire HD 8 tablet. I assume the client I downloaded from the Amazon App Store is essentially the same as the Android client, so I’m posting this here. Feel free to move it if belongs in the Fire TV section. Anyway, I’ve noticed it’s almost impossible to scrub along the timeline, at least in the area above the three controls just below it. Has anybody else had this issue?

Did you try to hold and drag the timeline cursor?

Yes. It worked flawlessly once, then I couldn’t get it to work again. The Done button is also flaky it seems. I submitted diagnostics. Will message you a link to a video.

So after messing with this some more I found I need to “aim high” and it works. I’m just used to iOS I guess. Seems FireOS is just a little more finicky.