Unable to stream or lots of buffering on iOS 16.6.1 (iPad)

Since the latest iOS update to 16.6.1 I am having a ton of issues streaming on my iPad. It's barely working. I am on the last channel beta, nothing on my network has changed and my Apple TV has no issues streaming my videos. I have even tried updating the streaming/direct settings for the player and it's hit or miss. I have submitted logs from iPad in hopes to try and find out what the possible issue is. Thank You for your help./

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What sort of problems are you having on the iPad?

Your streaming quality settings are not set to original. Is your computer having issues transcoding? Switch to original at home to see if it makes a difference.

Your Apple TV is probably set to original quality so it’s not actually in apples to apples comparison.

I changed it from the original to a lower setting so I could stream. It was not loading the program I was trying to watch. It would just spin. When it would load it would take 30 or more seconds and then when trying to fast forward it would pause and not fast forward. If it tried to skip a commercial it would stop playing or spin for a while and then it would start back up but would keep pausing. I turned this setting off Use HEVC for transcoding and then changed my settings back to original last night and it seemed to start working again with no issues. I was able to watch several hours of recorded material with no skipping or buffering on my home network. The problem only started after the most recent iOS update, so I am not sure if that had anything to do with it or not. Previously with this setting on Use HEVC for transcoding I didn't have any issues. I hope this information helps. If you need anything else please let me know.