Unable to subscribe


I am trying to start an annual subscription but I'm getting the error below, any ideas? Can I get my account reinstated whilst it's fixed as I can't use the app at all right now...


oh no! Is this happening just by loading the page? Or is it after entering your credit card details?

Are you able to sign in on the account page before starting a subscription?

Where in the process is this happening? Thanks for all the info, it helps in figuring out the issue.


It's after I enter the details & confirmation code in stripe, it gets a green tick in the stripe box then I hit that page... Can you help get my account active in the mean time whilst we fix this?


OK, I think we've resolved the issues. Could you try attempting this again?

Please report back what happens. Thanks so much for reporting this issue.


If you can email [email protected] we can help you more quickly. Please take some screenshots of what you're seeing on the DVR web UI as well and send them. Is the DVR not active anymore?