Unpredictable skipping/fast forward during remote playback of recordings


Recently, I've had strange experiences with ad skipping, fast forwards, and rewinds on an Apple TV 4K connected to Remote DVR. This is most noticeable after ad skips. Let’s say commercial detection will correctly mark 18:25 as where a show resumes. Yet, when I double click to skip (or use the beta tvOS app to automatically skip), it may jump further than the appropriate marker to 19:09 or even further ahead.

Then when I try to skip back to where the ad skip should have landed, playback controls become unpredictable. Tapping backwards for 15 sec rewind may fast forward instead. I haven’t been able to reproduce this with any other clients so this doesn’t seem like an issue with my server.

This happens on this specific Apple TV 4K regardless of what version of the app I use. I’ve tried both the latest App Store version and the latest two builds in TestFlight.


Sounds like your remote is acting up. I've had similar issues when the touchpad gets dirty or the remote battery is low.


I don’t think that’s the case because it happens during automatic commercial skipping in the beta as well, when I don’t touch the remote.


Okay I understand. This is a bug that's specific to watching h264 recordings remotely at a high quality setting. We are working on a fix.


Great, just wanted to know if it was being worked on. Thanks for the quick replies!