Unraid share

I am moving my Channels DVR server to Unraid. I am copying over all folders in the current share from my old channelsdvr server. I did create a share but want to know the suggested settings for a share on unraid for the channelsdvr docker?

What settings are you wondering about?

Allocation Method & Split Level

I use High-water and Automatically split any directory as required.

I am considering just recording everything to an unassigned device since I really don't need my shows backup up. Does anyone see any disadvantages to this?

Also, can I add a third host path to the container so I can select from both /mnt/user as well as /mnt/disk/... or can it only be one source?

And if you add more than one share how does Channels decide which one to use.

Anyone, anyone, Bueller, Bueller?

Recordings are only made into the primary location. Additional storage locations can be added, but they are only used for existing content and not targets for new recordings. But yes, you can add additional mounts into your container.

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So I tried to add a third host path,

Host Path 3:
set to /mnt/disk/dvr
I set the container path to the same "/shares"

This setup caused the container to crash and was placed in the failed dockers folder. Do I need to have a unique container path name like /shares2 ?

Yes, they must be different. You may want to read the Docker documentation on the --volume/-v option.

Thankyou, I will read up on it.