Up next is so confusing not usefull

This is how up next handle the FBI shows ....

First on the list to be played was ... FBI International which was really part 3 of a crossover .. Nothing else showed up of the FBI Shows they were buried. Nothing like watching Part 3 and have no Idea what is going on. Upnext should show new shows by Airing time. UP Next is so darn Random.

Recently added is not much better.

In SageTV I could sort by recorded date/Time ascending unwatched.

I find recently added to be more useful at least I can start from the bottom up when watching new shows.

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I mentioned that when I first started using Channels DVR.
I guess the devs know how to use it and are happy with it, so we should be.
Like other parts of Channels, we're just supposed to intuitively know what it means and how to use it.
I never figured it out or was given a reasonable explanation for how it's supposed to work and what drives it. Guess we dummies aren't entitled to a reasonable answer.

I've asked many questions (even specifically) about things with Channels and never get answers.
So I have to assume that either the devs don't know themselves, or just want us to figure it out on our own?

Anyways, I'm happy so far with Channels DVR, otherwise I would have cancelled my service.

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I wonder how they will treat Law & Order shows and Chicago Shows... They have lots of crossovers. I disabled up next and enhanced library from the Side Menu ... totally ruined the FBI shows was like reading the ending of a book first.

It seems like if we don't consume TV like the devs, we have to explain why we want things different.
And when we speak out, others tell us how to consume it, or why we're wrong.
I just DVR (record) with Channels DVR, cut adverts and move the recording elsewhere.
That's the ONLY reason I subscribe.

This is my final post on this but I will not use UPNEXT again ... I would like to see it sorted original airdate/time Ascending/unwatched.

What is the source of these recordings? Iā€™m always mystified when people have issues with Up Next because it works perfectly for the shows and sources we watch.

Channels DVR is my source OTA .. UpNext sucks so do not try and convince me otherwise. I will just use Channels for recording and View on Plex/Emby.

UpNext is only good if you are the only one using the DVR even then it is hit and miss the way it displays the shows. The logic is terrible it should display them in the order they were recorded/original airdate/time first not the last recorded and drop all the other shows to the bottom.

I record all Drama on Prime Time ... so the logic does not work if you record lots of shows.

So first I have never understood combining continue watching for TV with Up Next. I have heard the developers explanation for that and it still doesnt make sense to me. Its their world we just live in it I guess lol.

I agree up next is confusing and appears to work sporadically. I do think i figured out a little more about it though. Lets say you have an entire series available in channels. It will always pick the next episode to include in Up Next. Lets say you dont want to watch that episode and you skip it. You watch another episode and then pause it half way through... That skipped episode will show and not disappear from up next even though you are later in the series now. If you go to that skipped episode and mark it as watched, viola! Now the current episode you are on shows and it also shows the progress bar.

Continue watching works great for movies. Can we please get this functionality for TV shows and have up next work properly?


My wife goes right back to TiVo every time Channels confuses her, and 9 times out of 10 it's because of "Up Next". Recently on our Fire TV set the new category row under "Up Next" has pushed the "Recently Updated" section down and off the screen. So my wife only saw "Up Next", it was presenting an un-watched news show from the previous day, and without bothering to figure out how to navigate and investigate she just switched to TiVo for a chronological list. You should not have to be a power user to understand Channels DVR.

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Up Next is confusing for me as well. It's fine when I am actively watching a series and it presents the next episode for me to watch, but other than that I can't really make sense out of what gets added to Up Next and what doesn't. Sometimes new recordings get added to Up Next and sometimes they don't. It just isn't reliable.

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