Up Next leads to DVR Not Available error

Most of the time when I try to use the "Up Next" thumbnails on my NVidia Shield Tube, or just try to get to the Library, I will see the yellow exclamation point with a "DVR Not Available" message, which is silly because both the Shield and my desktop which hosts the DVR are hardwired on the same network. If I press the "back" button once after the message comes up, everything works fine.

It seems like the only time this doesn't happen is immediately after I've rebooted the Shield. Any ideas?

Submitted logs under 86c52619-8732-47c8-aaf8-b7b8f8c635f2

Please submit logs from the client app on the shield


I need diagnostics submitted right after you see the error message on your screen.

That's exactly what I did. Got the error and submitted from the Shield. Do you need them from the server too at the same time?

Just the shield. I didn't see the error in there but maybe I missed it. It doesn't keep very much of the log so if too much stuff is happening it gets lost.

I literally turned on the TV and Shield, went to the "Up Next" on the Shield menu, got the error, and submitted logs. :man_shrugging:

Still see this happening once in a while. I uploaded new logs from the Shield on Saturday, directly after the error occurred.

I get the same. Anything I can do to help diagnose.