Up Next question


I use 3 AppleTV 4's and 1 Apple TV 4k. The 4's all show Up Next when on the Apple TV main screen. The 4k does not show Up Next. When I open the app everything is as it should be on all the tv's. All the settings in each Channels app are also the same. Is there something else I can do to get the 4k to show the Up Next on the Apple TV main screen?

Apple TV 4's:

Apple TV 4k:


Go into the app to the Settings tab and click Add Source and then enter the IP of your HDHR. Then reboot the Apple TV


Settings > add source > enter ip of hdhr > reboot. Did that and no change. Tried it a couple of times. While in settings, I saw Settings > connect to channels dvr > enter ip of nas > reboot. Also tried that a couple of times. Also, no change. Still have the 4k screen without Up Next showing. Since those didn't work, I did a reset to factory settings of the AppleTV4k.

After the reset was done with updates & setup again, still no change. Everything looks just as it did.

Any other ideas?


Still doesn't work.