Upcoming Movies IOS Channels 4,0

In the IOS Search-Upcoming Movies section, I cannot tell if the movie was previously recorded. In the Mac OS UI, I see the Green circle (previously recorded) or Orange circle (scheduled for recording) under the Movies thumbnail. In the IOS 4,0, clicking on a movie shows a blue circle for scheduled to be recorded. Is it possible to show an orange circle for previously recorded on upcoming Movies?

In the Search-New Shows and Seasons and Search-Recommended Shows, the I can assume that a show was previously recorded if a Pass is active. Nothing indicates that the show was recorded--unlike the Mac OS UI. For individual show episodes, I can tell if it is scheduled, but cannot tell if the episode was previously recorded.


Answering my own question. In Search, you can enter the Movie name. If you have previously recorded the Movie, it appears in both the "Your Movies" section and in "Upcoming.". If you haven't recorded it, the Movie only appears in "Upcoming."

Forgot to add configuration here: Server is a Mac Mini 2018 late bottom of the line with 8 GB RAM and the internal 128 GB SS drive.

Use IOS Channels 4.0 on a iPad 10.2-inch (2020). Everything viewed on an old Sony TV using a Fire TV 4K or on the iPad. The iPad Channels app allows me to search and launch a movie or show directly to the Fire TV. Very nice.

Love Channels. The Team is amazing! Thanks!