Upcoming movies on web and iOS

This is a question first about how things currently work and then a request that I think would make things more useful.

'Upcoming Movies' on the web interface and on iOS App show different movies. It would be helpful to understand how each are created and what the parameters are that gets a movie included in each. For me, many upcoming movies are not included in 'Upcoming Movies'. More seem to be included in the web interface than on iOS.

Are only movies on channels that are specifically movie channels shown in this? Or is there some kind of algorithm that's selecting some movies and not others?

What I'd really like is to be able to refine this, so that I could limit the upcoming movies to only those being shown on HD channels. Even without that, it would be useful to include a channel with the thumbnail so that you don't have to click / tap on them to find out more info.

Tl;dr: if there were a system for selecting which channels are included in the upcoming TV and movies, that would be great.


I’m not 100% sure but I think movies are only shown from Channels that are favorited in the iOS client.