Upcoming Movies

I really appreciate the “Upcoming Movies” section within “Search”.

At this time, both on my iMac and my iPad, 99 upcoming movies are shown. The iMac sorts them in the order they will appear (as I prefer) and the iPad sorts them alphabetically. The most distant is about 5 days away.

99 movies in five days as of today and with my available channels.

That said, my question is how does Channels select the movies shown in this list? All of the TCM movies are there, that’s good, but lessor movie channels are not represented. In fact the channel appropriately named “Movies” is not represented at all. Other channels with sporadic movie showings are also overlooked.

I have considered that only the channels selected in my “favorites” are considered in making up the list, but I have not confirmed that.

99 movies in the list in the next five days may be enough, but I would prefer a greater overview.

That's how it works. The information comes from the DVR, so it uses the favorites set there.

Good to know its filtering by favorite channels. But, from a user perspective, I use the search upcoming movies a lot as a discovery tool. I really want it to be unfiltered and show me all movies in the future that I can pick from. I've had it happen several times that I noticed a movie on now in the guide that never showed up in search upcoming movies.

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