Update / correct date on manually imported shows

Today I imported a TV show into Channels DVR using the Server TV Show import settings option. The file imported successfully with correct art work applied. However it has tagged the show in the library as 1st Jan 1970 but should be 25th Dec 2020 when it premiered. I guess it is using a wrong date from gracenote? Is there a way I can correct / override this date as I can’t see any mechanism in the DVR server to allow this? I can see how to amend artwork if required but not dates.

This is currently not support. There has been interest expressed by the developers to allow for manual metadata editing, but the feature is not yet available.

What show?
If you find the show on zap2it.com and view the Episode Guide tab you can see if they list the premiere date for S01E01 or sometimes it's listed in Season 0. There are lots of shows missing this.
If the premiere date is missing at zap2it (which gets data from Gracenote, same as Channels DVR) then Channels DVR most likely is just displaying that unix epoch date of 1970-01-01.

See Beta: Metadata Editing