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I was thinking about how I Use channels dvr and when I am watching a show live with it linked to Tv anywhere or just antenna and a show comes on like the office , then a commercial happens , I wanna watch the episode but I end up changing it bc of the commercials , but then I realize I can just watch the rest of Peacock .
It would be a nice integration for channels to be able to discover whats on and also know it's on other streaming service in the top pulldown and ask want to watch this on Peacock ? or whatever show it may be . thats just an example , but if a movie was on tv and you don't wanna wait for commercials would be nice to know it's on your streaming service and hope over there to watch the rest .

This isn't integrated but you might want to check out "JustWatch". This will show you where you can watch a given movie/show. I am a bit confused with your request. Are you asking for the developers to come up with a way to notify there might be a non channels app you can use to watch the same show/movie? I don't understand why developers would program people to stop using their program.

thanks for the "Just watch" app suggestion . my question was for developers .
sorry it was a bit confusing . I am suggesting a feature to let viewers have a choice if they are watching a tv show or a movie live on channels app, and a commercials then comes on then it may suggest to be able to continue to watch it without commercials on a streaming service they already pay for .

I understood your ask. I just felt it odd you were asking the developers if they would offer something that would steer customers away from using their product. I am curious to see what the reply will be.