Updating artwork “Your Passes” section

Is there a way to update the artwork in my passes section and how to report the artwork is wrong for one my show? For example, it should say Law & Order in English instead of in Spanish.

I think you can find that show on the web UI, click Update Art and pick something else

How do you do that if the show isn't in your library yet?

You can't do it for shows not in your library; you have to wait for it to record.

Gotcha. Even for in the Season Pass section?


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Just tried to update artwork and it didn’t change on my your passes section?

Changing the artwork is for items in your library. The passes display information from the guide.

When a recording is made, the guide data is copied into the library, where you can change it later. Until it is in your library, all you are going to have is the guide data.

Sorry it's not possible to change the artwork in Passes area right now.

In your initial post the Law & Order was correct in Passes screenshot, and the second screenshot with the spanish title seemed to be from somewhere else in the app.

Yeah because it was two separate questions. For instance, the FBI International has a logo and CSI Vegas has a logo from last season but for some reason it doesn't update.

Okay I understand now. I'm not sure why you're getting spanish language stuff. How did you create those passes? From the guide or from search? From the web UI or a specific client?

Can you submit diagnostics from your DVR under Support > Troubleshooting

It's been in there from last year's Law & Order starting new season. It was fine last year don't know what changed but I added if from search.

Log Number: ff5585c5-0f3a-4d3c-904f-ce17feed714d