Updating Subscription after moving DVR

I've moved my Channels DVR from my MacMini to my Linux system. (Yeah, posted several threads with questions relating to the process of doing that.) So now I have another issue to deal with.

My older install, on the Mac, was made when I used a different domain on my LAN. Along with moving Channels, I've done other work on other computers, including changing the LAN domain. So, under my subscription, I have my old MacMini listed as my DVR. That DVR is getting the full range of listings in the guide data.

Now I have a new domain for my LAN and I'm using another instance of Channels. The new instance of Channels only gets a few days of guide data.

I went to the subscription management page on the website and I don't see anything I can click on to change my DVR info. (Currently there's a link to my old Channels install, on the old LAN domain.) I went to the MyDVR page and all I see there is a statement that I haven't enabled Channels for remote viewing. (I'll do that, eventually, but when I set up Channels, originally, I was using Viasat, which is a crappy satellite internet service that has serious bandwidth limits, so remote viewing would be worthless.)

I want to deactivate my old Channels install and make sure my new install gets the full guide data.

The only way I can see to do that is to start a new subscription for the new computer and, once that's working, cancel the subscription for the old install. Is that the only way to handle this?

Also, with two Channels DVRs online (at least for a short while) how does the Channels app on Apple TV or on my mobile devices know which DVR server to use? (Just curious about that one!)

You can uninstall the dvr from your Mac (using the installer on our website). In a few hours the account portal will update and point to the new lan url. (Or you can load http://x:8089/auth/refresh).

There's nothing you need to transfer with regards to your subscription. You're free to run multiple dvrs if you want.

The apps use bonjour to find a dvr server and try to keep using it even if new ones appear. You can also connect manually by IP in the app.

I used the link you provided and that worked fine. I turned off Bonjour on the older instance of Channels. Sometime over the weekend or early next week, after I'm convinced the new install is behaving well, I'll use the installer and delete it from that computer.

Be sure to turn off remote dvr on the old one too.

Thanks. I wasn't using that (dating back to dealing with crappy internet and pathetic bandwidth limits), but I double-checked it to be sure.